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Box Truck, Passenger Van Collide in Mississippi, Killing Eight

A head-on collision between a passenger van and a box truck left eight dead on a rural highway in Mississippi. An article on the incident—which is still under investigation—is available here.

The Crash

The Mississippi Highway Patrol responded to an early-morning crash on Mississippi Highway 16 near Lovers Lane. The accident took place east of Scooba, near the Alabama state line.

Investigators from the office of the Kemper County Sheriff say eight people—all male employees of an agricultural company from nearby Macon, Mississippi—were killed when their passenger van collided with a commercial box truck.

The Investigation

Authorities are currently unsure which vehicle entered the wrong lane. While they are working to reconstruct the accident, they do not believe weather played a role in the crash. Rescue workers from both Kemper County and from nearby Philadelphia, Mississippi responded to the head-on collision. Both drivers are expected to recover.

Authorities have not yet released the names of the victims. A detailed summary of the full investigation is available here.

Facts and Figures

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June 10th, 2019