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Below, you can view some recent examples of recoveries and successful verdicts that we achieved for our clients:

$1.175 Million Auto Accident Verdict

The plaintiff had approximately $1,400 in damage to rear of the car and the jury rendered a verdict exceeding one million dollars. Gauthier and Amedee had an “uphill battle to secure such a large verdict with so little property damage.” However, André Gauthier attacked the defendant’s medical expert, attacked his credibility and revealed the bias of this medical expert thereby “minimizing the impact his testimony would have…”

The plaintiff drove away from the scene in her own car and on her own accord. She did not have any surgeries. Despite this, Gauthier & Amedee was able to secure a verdict exceeding $1,000,000.

$4 Million Auto Accident Jury Verdict

Via In Touch, Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association: Attorneys André Gauthier and Lee “Jody” Amedee III…explain the brain injuries sustained by their client from this car wreck. “Although the plaintiff appears normal …. the suit claimed he sustained right frontal and temporal lobe injury that causes slowness in processing information, impaired judgment, inappropriate behavior…”

$800,000 Auto Accident Verdict

Via Lawyers Weekly (LUSA 2457) “Man wins $800,000 for brain injury despite no physical trauma signs”

Plaintiff was the driver of a pickup truck that was rear-ended. He left the scene on his own without the need for ambulance and did not immediately seek medical treatment. In fact, plaintiff waited 4 months before seeing a doctor for issues relating to his memory. Convincing a jury that a man can suffer a brain injury without hitting his head or face is a rather difficult thing to do. But, it can happen. Anytime a lawyer tries a case where the injury is invisible, he has a difficult task.

Before getting involved in this case, Gauthier said “…I’ve never even heard of a case like this – where a person’s been in a wreck, there’s no head trauma or loss of consciousness and yet there’s a finding of brain damage.” He says, the science of the brain fascinates him. Gauthier said, “This is the first case I’ve tried where there’s no direct trauma and the jury concludes that there’s axonal injury.”

$1.2 Million Auto Accident Jury Award

Via Louisiana Advocates (VOL XXII) Plaintiff was a young lady who sustained bulging lumbar disc, lumbar facet syndrome, and sacroiliac dysfunction. However, the injury did not impair her ability to work. “Testimony at trial by plaintiff’s treating physicians and defense experts indicated that plaintiff is in the percentage of the population who have long-lasting and permanent injuries from a relatively low-speed collision.” The case supports the contention that relatively minor impacts can significantly damage a human being.

$260,000 Personal Injury Jury Verdict

A woman sued her next door neighbor and friend for being injured while helping the friend move a sofa. Allstate insured the friend. The jury awared her $260,000. “Attorney André Gauthier…said Allstate Insurance…did not respond to an offer to settle for the policy limits of $100,000 prior to trial.” We tried to settle with Allstate Insurance Company but they would not listen.

$600,000 Accident Jury Award

In this case, the defense’s main argument was that “plaintiff was basically a liar.” The defense hired private investigators to follow the plaintiff around and surreptitiously film his daily activities. The jury concluded plaintiff’s pre-existing, soft tissue neck and back injuries were aggravated in the accident and awarded plaintiff over $600,000.

“$75,000 for past pain and suffering; $175,000 for future pain and suffering; $20,000 for past mental pain and suffering; $107,000 for past medical expenses; $60,000 for future medical expenses; and $150,000 for loss of enjoyment of life…and $25,000 for loss of consortium.”

$275,000 Personal Injury Jury Verdict

Via The Advocate: “A Texas man recently received…$275,000 in federal lawsuit that claimed the Sorrento Police Department used brutality and excessive force…” The police officer used excessive force when he beat the plaintiff with a billy club and pepper sprayed him.

$5 Million Auto Accident Jury Award

Via Lawyers Weekly USA: The 16 year old plaintiff was a guest passenger in a vehicle involved in a motor vehicle collision. The plaintiff’s “Lawyers Use …Skills to Land $5 Million Verdict”. Plaintiff alleged that he suffered brain damage from the accident. On the day the jury verdict was rendered, the plaintiff graduated from high school with above average grade point average.

The DEFENSE counsel, Terry Thibodeaux , is quoted as saying “…Gauthier is a MASTER….with the jury.” Gauthier says he appreciates the kind compliment.

$390,000 Sexual Harassment Jury Award

Via The Advocate: “Jury awards $390,000 in suit against ….Denham Springs dentist, [Dr.] Ed Hood” Female plaintiffs testified …that Hood committed assaults in sexual contexts at his dental office..18 witnesses took the stand, including two psychologists…”

“[Dr.] Hood took the stand in his own defense…testifying that he never forced himself on any of the women.” “[Dr.] Hood testified that the women consented to all of the sexual acts brought up in the case, but the jury decided the women had not consented..and awards $390,000” “Plaintiff’s attorney André Gauthier said the jury’s decision means [Dr.] Hood is responsible…”

$4.4 Million Jury Award

Via Gonzales Weekly: “Jury awards …4.4 million dollars…for past, present, and future physical and mental suffering…”

“Gauthier stated that prior to trial, the defense attorney offered to settle for $50,000. Gauthier stated that he flat out rejected the offer and told them to ‘add a few zeros’ and the offer might be accepted. ‘They laughed in my face,’ Gauthier said.”

$825,400 Auto Accident Jury Award

Via American Association For Justice-Law Reporter:  “The case was…complicated because the defendant contested damages for the head trauma and settlement talks ended. Gauthier & Amedee would have to prove at trial that the incident caused head trauma even though [plaintiff] did not suffer a direct impact during the crash. Counsel’s theme at trial was that…acceleration/deceleration forces on a person…’fast forwards’ the age of the brain…”

“… defense counsel implied during [Dr.] Dammer’s cross-examination that he and Gauthier had conspired to win the case.  Gauthier was able to bring out on redirect that the only time they [Gauthier and Dammers] had both been involved in a case was where Dammers testified against Gauthier’s client and they engaged in a heated debate during cross-examination. Gauthier credits the fact that [plaintiffs] were upfront…they were honest.”

Note: The Law Reporter is published by the largerst trial bar in the world, The American Association for Justice. Every month, one verdict/settlement form the United States is featured in the “Spotlight”. Spotlight Case: Tullier v. Dynasty Transportation, Inc.

Seven Figure Auto Accident Jury Award

Via Lawyers USA: “Jury returns seven-figure verdict in spite of no visible injuries – The facts didn’t appear to be on André Gauthier’s side…She [plaintiff] had no visible injuries and the doctors who examined her said the disc bulges in her back were minimal. Gauthier and his law partner, Lee “Jody” Amedee III…faced…challenges during the trial. “If you get to know your client…you should be able to win,” Gauthier said. “It’s not the first time Gauthier has won cases involving injuries that are difficult to see.”

$1 Million Auto Accident

Via Louisisana Advocates (VOL XXIII): “Plaintiff’s counsel: André Gauthier and Lee “Jody” Amedee III of Gauthier & Amedee, Gonzales, Louisiana – Rear-end wreck: neck pain; $1 million. For 15 years prior to plaintiffs wreck, he had neck problems. Plaintiff testified that the wreck caused his pain levels to increase in frequency and severity. Plaintiff’s treating orthopedist testified that although the pre- and post-wreck scans [MRI Scans] looked the same, he believed plaintiff suffered an aggravation of a pre-existing degenerative condition.

$830,000 Auto Accident Jury Award

Jury awarded a 56 year old homemaker and grandmother $830,000 in a one-day jury trial for aggravation of pre-existing degenerative disc disease. The defendant’s vehicle ran a stop sign and the vehicle in which plaintiff was a guest passenger T-Boned the negligent vehicle. Past medicals were approximately $32,000. Dr. Kelly Scrantz opined that plaintiff would need a triple level anterior cervical discetomy and fusion and future medical cost would be $98,000. The jury awarded all past and future medical expenses and $300,000 for physical pain, $200,000 for mental pain and $200,000 for loss of enjoyment of life.

$1.5 Million Personal Injury Jury Award

Via The Wall Street Journal: “Amid rising concerns over safety at so-called big-box stores, a Louisiana state-court jury ruled that Home Depot Inc. was negligent and must pay $1.5 million to a customer injured by falling merchandise.”