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Church Van, Heavy-Duty Truck Collide in Virginia, Killing Four

A 47-year-old Norfolk man has been charged with reckless driving after his heavy-duty truck rear-ended a church van in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. The collision killed four and left several others injured. An article on the accident and the investigation is available here. 

About the Incident

Virginia State Police said the church van was traveling west on Route 460 in the area of Zion Road. When the van slowed to make a turn into the parking lot of the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dinwiddie, it was hit in the rear by a Ford F-450. The impact caused the van to overturn several times before coming to rest on its side.

Four of the eleven passengers in the van were pronounced dead at the scene. Officials with the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center said the facility received three adult women for treatment. All three are expected to survive. The VCU also received an additional patient, whose status is currently unknown. Others were taken to nearby hospitals with serious injuries.

The Investigation

An additional news source states those killed in the crash were all members of Shiloh Baptist Church in Blackstone. They have been identified as an 87-year-old former groundskeeper, a 36-year-old elementary school teacher, a 72-year-old member of the church board, and an 85-year-old former school teacher and retired town councilwoman.

The driver of the truck which struck the van has been charged with Reckless Driving for failing to stop for the van in time. At the time of the collision, he was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. Police sources indicate the accident currently remains under investigation.

Tractor-Trailer Accident Facts & Figures

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July 10th, 2019