Industrial Fire
Claims Filed in Wake of Industrial Accident in Texas

A petrochemical storage company near Houston, Texas suffered heavy damage in a recent fire, leading to hundreds of claims seeking damages and thousands of calls to the company’s claim hotline. A detailed article on the industrial accident and its aftermath is available here.

The site—owned by Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) in Deer Park, Texas—caught fire on March 17th. The fire released smoke high into the air as gasoline, benzene, and other materials escaped into the air and water.

The release of potentially toxic materials prompted the closure of nearby schools and roadways as officials ordered residents to take shelter. Commissioners in Harris County, Texas said they intend to hold ITC accountable—and gave approval for the county to sue the company.

Pending Legal Action

The Attorney General of Texas has filed suit against ITC, citing “the damage it has done to our environment.” An ITC spokesperson says some 2,000 people have called their claims hotline while another 300 have submitted claims in writing.

Seven local residents filed what is believed to be the first civil lawsuit against ITC. The suit asks for at least $1 million in damages and accuses ITC of negligence. Plaintiffs allege a variety of illnesses caused by the release of chemicals, including bronchitis, pneumonia and itchy, burning eyes.

Read the Fine Print

A related news item states businesses and individuals harmed by the event can file claims through June 25th on the company’s website or through their hotline. A clause found in the forms requires claimants surrender their right to pursue any legal action against the company and its affiliates—effectively releasing all claims for additional damages against ITC and its underwriters.

Avoid Rush Settlements

In cases of negligence, corporations often play to a claimant’s desire to quickly settle and move on. Buried in the fine print of an offer, one often finds language forcing the injured to forego their claims against those accountable. If you have been harmed in an industrial accident, Gauthier Amedee urges you to review your legal options before signing any settlement form.

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April 29th, 2019