Gauthier Amedee Wins Case Involving 2013 CF Industries Plant Explosion

Back in June of 2013 one of the areas biggest explosions occurred at the CF Industries fertilizer complex near Donaldsville. It happened when a Cetco truck was delivering nitrogen to the plant, under a contract Airgas had with CF industries, and the pressure vessel designed to distribute nitrogen gas from the truck to the facility ruptured. The explosion released deadly metal fragments during the incident.

This resulted in the death of one and injured eight others. Gauthier Amedee represented one of the injured workers and was successful in proving the fault of the defendant and won a large undisclosed settlement for their client.

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Explosion accidents do not occur as frequently as some other types of accidents, but when an explosion occurs the results can be devastating to the victims and their family. These serious catastrophic incidents can result in serious injuries such as disfigurement, loss of limbs and even loss of life. Often times, these incidents are caused by human error and/or mechanical error.

It is very important in such a case to immediately contact an experienced Louisiana Explosions Lawyer to thoroughly investigate the accident. Early on an attorney will begin to work to determine the cause and origin of the explosion. Building an evidence trail is very important including reviewing reports from the fire department, the police department and witnesses at the scene of the explosion.

Hiring top experts to determine the true facts behind what happened, who was to blame and to fully access the damages all go into building a strong case.

At Gauthier Amedee, after a serious catastrophic accident occurs we conduct a comprehensive independent investigation and retain the necessary experts to dig deep to uncover exactly what happened.

If the explosion was caused by a leak of combustible gas, a qualified expert should be able to determine the cause and origin of the explosion and provide expert evidence against the responsible party to establish their liability.

Workplace accidents happen every day. Many large companies will attempt to settle early on in a case like this, as the defendants in this case did. This strategy can leave victims with less compensation than they and their families need to fully recover from the accident. But an experienced plant explosion attorney will work to protect the rights of the injured parties.

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October 12th, 2017