Gauthier Amedee Wombats
Gauthier Amedee Wombats Win American Legion State Title

This week, the Wombats—a baseball team sponsored by the Gonzales law firm of Gauthier Amedee since 2003—won the Louisiana state American Legion championship.

The win—the team’s first state title since 2013—is the eighth state championship in the team’s history. A detailed article on this victory is available here.

The 9-1 victory over the Retif Oilers—a team hailing from Jesuit High School in New Orleans—is the team’s first state title under head coach Marty Luquet. The Wombats will now move on to play in the Mid-South Regional Tournament in August.

The team at Gauthier Amedee could not be more delighted with the effort and determination these fine young men put into their hard-won championship. We are honored to sponsor this winning team—and we celebrate their continued success.

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July 13th, 2018