Bicycle Accident
Making City Streets Safer for Bicyclists

Our major metropolitan areas are, unfortunately, dangerous places for bicyclists—with the number of bicycle-related injuries and fatalities increasing every year. As we enter the warm summer season, the problem is only likely to get worse. As more bicyclists take to the road in already crowded cities, the potential for tragic accidents skyrockets.

The sad truth is that nearly 45,000 cyclists are injured every year—and 5,400 of those injured are children. Unfortunately, such accidents can be fatal—claiming 800 lives each year.

In some cities, politicians and activists are proposing infrastructure changes to improve bicyclist safety—such as the creation of parking-protected bike lanes where a physical barrier will separate the lane from automobile traffic. Several cities have also aligned with the Vision Zero campaign—a three-year plan to reduce pedestrian, bicyclist, and traffic fatalities in major cities to zero.

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June 1st, 2018