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Oil Rig Explosion Near New Orleans Injures 7, 1 Person Still Missing

The coast guard has suspended the search for a missing worker from the explosion that occurred on an oil rig near New Orleans on Lake Pontchartrain. The explosion occurred Sunday night and the coast guard made the decision to suspend the search after 24 hours. At the time of the explosion, cleaning chemicals were being used on the platform which may have caused the blast, however at this time an official cause of the explosion has not been released.

According to a spokesperson for the Coast Guard, one of the platform workers reported eight people were aboard at the time of the explosion, however one did not make it to shore.

Of the eight people on the platform, seven were taken to local hospitals. Five of these people were taken to a trauma center where one person remains in critical condition, three people in serious condition and one person in stable condition.

We would like to offer our sympathy and prayers to the victims and families of this tragedy.

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October 17th, 2017