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School Bus Carrying Children Involved in Traffic Accident with Pickup Truck

A school bus carrying dozens of young elementary school students was involved in a collision with the driver of a pickup truck. Accidents involving school buses are extremely concerning because they put the safety of our youngest and most vulnerable at risk.

Police are still investigating this accident, which occurred near Port Vincent, LA on Friday afternoon. According to Police, the driver of the pickup truck caused the accident when they attempted to pass the bus as it was making a left turn. The driver struck the side of the bus, and was cited by the Police for improper passing.

Thankfully, all of the children on board the school bus, as well as the drivers of the bus and pickup truck, escaped this accident with minor injuries. However, this accident serves as reminder that improper driver behavior puts all motorists at risk.

At Gauthier Amedee, we urge all drivers to keep the following in mind whenever driving near a school bus:

  • Never attempt to pass a bus that is signaling for a turn. School buses make extremely wide turns due to their size, and attempting to pass a turning bus creates a dangerous situation for everyone involved.
  • Always come to a complete stop whenever you see the flashing red STOP lights of a school bus.
  • Allow children plenty of time and space to safely enter and exit a school bus before driving on.
  • Never speed up and try to pass a school bus
  • Allow children enough time to cross the street after getting off the school bus

If all Louisiana driers follow these simple rules of the road, we can help ensure that everyone reaches their destination safely.

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November 24th, 2015