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SEC Reverses Ban on Alcohol Sales at Sporting Events

According to a recent news release, the Southeastern Conference (SEC)—the collegiate athletic conference representing educational institutions in the southern United States—has lifted its long-standing ban on alcohol sales at sports venues. A detailed article on the ruling is available here.

Under the change, going into effect at the beginning of August, event attendees will be able to purchase wine and beer from concession stands at college stadiums, ball fields, and other venues. No hard liquor or mixed drinks will be available for sale.

What has Changed

Previously, all athletic programs regulated by the SEC were prohibited from selling alcohol in the public areas of sports venues. The SEC’s decision sets certain limitations regarding sales at each event. These include:

  • Limits apply to how many drinks an individual can purchase at once
  • Alcoholic beverages must be served in cups, no bottles or pitchers
  • Sales will stop at the end of the third quarter of all football games
  • Sales will stop at the top of the seventh inning of all baseball games
  • Sales stop at the second-half commercial break of men’s basketball
  • Sales will stop at the end of the third quarter of women’s basketball

About the Policy

According to an additional news article, each of the 14 schools in the SEC can determine their own sales rules—provided they adhere to conference-wide alcohol management policies. The policy does not require any school to sell alcohol. Member schools decide where or if alcoholic beverages can be made available.

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June 14th, 2019