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State Police Report Distracted Driving May Have Been a Factor in a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Distracted driving is a selfish act that not only jeopardizes your own safety, but also the safety of the innocent motorists, bicyclist and pedestrians around you. With over 8 Americans dying and 1,161 Americans getting injured everyday due to distracted driving accidents, safety awareness must be heightened to put an end to these avoidable injuries and fatalities.

This past month alone, a suspected distracted driver in Marrero, Louisiana fatally injured a local motorcyclist. State police report the driver did not see motorcyclist while making the left-hand turn, proceeding to then hit the motorcyclist. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The alleged distracted driver was arrested and sent to the parish jail for negligent homicide, failure to yield and not having a license plate.

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Accidents like this are highly avoidable when a motorist gives their undivided attention to the road. When driving, keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, until you come to a complete stop.  Please do not use a mobile device for texting, an electronic device, personal grooming like watching yourself in the mirror while applying lipstick, eating or drinking, or fumbling with the radio when you are driving. It’s really very simple.

Here at Gauthier Amedee, we want to do our part to increase safety on Louisiana roads by sharing education and information. Next time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, please keep these tips in mind to keep yourself and others safe according to AAA:

-Fully focus. When you’re driving, never let anything take your attention away from the road. Make sure you are actively scanning the road, using your mirrors, and watching out for passing pedestrians and cyclists.

-Put away all distractions. Simply put, you should never use any electronic device while operating a vehicle. Turn off or silence your cell phone, and put away all electronic devices in a bag, purse, center console or back seat of your vehicle.

-Prepare. Make all necessary adjustments before you start driving. This means addressing vehicle systems like GPS, seats, mirrors, climate controls and sound systems. Select a route and check the traffic conditions ahead of time.

-Focus on the road. Finish dressing and personal grooming such as make-up application and hair brushing at home. And eating and drinking while driving is just as bad as texting and driving. Do not do anything that will take your full attention away from the road, even for a moment or it could be the last time you drive in a vehicle.

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February 10th, 2017