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Study Shows Pedestrian Accidents Could Increase By 10% Nationwide

Pedestrian accidents are a big problem today, and thousands of people are being injured. Simply crossing the street, riding a bicycle or even just standing at a stoplight, waiting to cross, many people are struck and fatally injured by motor vehicles every day.

A recent study shows these pedestrian accident numbers are increasing. This could be due to an increase in texting & driving, drinking & driving, or inattentive driving, but all pedestrians should be more aware than ever before. At Gauthier Amedee, we want you to be safe. So please be careful when crossing the street, or just being out near the road.

A recent study conducted by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association predicts that the number of pedestrian fatalities in the United States increased significantly between 2014 and 2015. The Safety Association is still working on compiling all the data collected during 2015, but they have predicted that the number of pedestrian accidents nationwide could jump by as much as 10%.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association said that several factors may be contributing to the increase in the number of recorded pedestrian fatalities, including:

  • An increase in the amount of motor vehicle travel nationwide
  • An increase in the amount of time people spend walking
  • An increase in the use of cell phones and other mobile devices, both while driving and while walking

For drivers, this study indicates that it is more important than ever to avoid common driver distractions such as using a cell phone, eating or personal grooming. These behaviors are illegal in Louisiana, and can lead to tragic and preventable accidents. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are a growing problem, and motorists must be extremely cautious, pay attention, and safely share the road.

The results of this report are troubling. Here are some additional statistics included in this study that indicate that fatal pedestrian accidents are a serious safety issue in Louisiana:

  • 46 pedestrian deaths were recorded in Louisiana between January and June, 2015.
  • Louisiana ranked #5 in the nation in terms of pedestrian fatality rate per 100,000 residents.
  • Louisiana was one of only seven states with a pedestrian fatality rate per 100,000 residents greater than 2.0.

At Gauthier Amedee, Baton Rouge Pedestrian Accident law firm, we want all Louisiana motorists and pedestrians to arrive at their destinations safely. Click here to view some important tips from our law firm that can help Louisiana pedestrians protect their own safety.

Pedestrians have a right to share Louisiana’s roads and highways without fear of being seriously injured by a motor vehicle. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in an accident that was not your fault, call Gauthier Amedee today at 225-647-1700 or fill out our online form to schedule a free case evaluation.

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April 5th, 2016