The Long Awaited Solar Eclipse Will Begin at 11:54am Today in Louisiana

Get ready. In Baton Rouge and surrounding areas the solar eclipse will begin around 11:54am today. There will be 75% coverage of the sun which will create a partial solar eclipse.

Residents will begin to experience the partial eclipse at 11:54 am today and the maximum eclipse at 1:26 pm which will return to normal at 2:54 pm.

While this is a monumental moment and an experience some may only have once in their lifetime, it is important to be conscious of the risks associated with the eclipse and take safety precautions including the following:

  • If you look up at the eclipse, be sure to wear approved protective eyewear
  • If you do not have approved eyewear, do NOT look directly into the path of the Solar Eclipse
  • Do NOT take your animals outside while the eclipse is occurring
  • Be aware of increased pedestrian activity when driving. People may be looking up and therefore not paying attention when crossing the street
  • Plan ahead to arrive to your eclipse viewing destination early so you do not drive distracted

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time experiencing this once in a lifetime opportunity! Remember to be cautious and follow these safety tips.

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August 21st, 2017