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Tips for Keeping Safety In Mind This Labor Day Weekend

As we get ready to mark the end of yet another summer with the celebration of Labor Day, it is important to keep certain things at the forefront of our mind in order to maintain safety. Have fun this Labor Day weekend – just remember to be safe while doing it.

  1. Fireworks

It’s tough to imagine a Labor Day weekend without fireworks. Though they are beautiful to watch, we must remember to follow some safety guidelines in order to avoid injuries. Remember the following things:

  • Do not use fireworks close to people, houses, or flammable material
  • Do not point or throw fireworks in the direction of another person
  • Always light one firework at a time and maintain a safe distance after you have done so
  • Do not try to relight or handle any malfunctioning fireworks 
  1. Alcohol

Labor Day weekend is often filled with social gatherings and barbecues. These events are a lot of fun, with lots of food and alcohol. But when alcohol is involved, it also means an increase in the number of people who become intoxicated. This is serious because impaired drivers can cause reckless results. It is especially important to be sure that you wear a seatbelt and never operate a vehicle under the influence. Plan ahead and identify a designated driver or call a taxi or ride sharing service.

  1. Boating

Boating is a very popular activity during Labor Day weekend. Nothing says relaxation quite like going out on a boat in the middle of a river or lake. If you are prepared to do some boating, remember that operating a boat while impaired by alcohol (with a BAC of at least 0.08%) is illegal and that you can be charged with operating under the influence (OUI). Assign a designated driver and pay attention to the weather. Do not go boating if the weather is not safe.

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August 29th, 2019