We Are Excited to Announce the Winner of the 2017 Gauthier Amedee College Scholarship Essay Program!

At Gauthier Amedee we are thrilled to help students and members of the community succeed by offering programs like the Gauthier Amedee College Scholarship Program.

The program awards a $1,000 scholarship each year for the recipient to put towards tuition to pursue any field of study from an accredited college.

This year’s essay topic was on how adversity has affected your life. The essay program was open to all prospective or current undergraduate students attending an accredited college or university.

The 2017 winner of the $1,000 Gauthier Amedee College Scholarship Essay Program is Lauryn, a freshman at Louisiana State University (LSU) majoring in Psychology/Premed.

Lauryn chose to write her essay on an unexpected health scare she went through as a young girl. She described the obstacles she had to go through, including endless migraines leading up to brain surgery, and the discovery of a rare form of hydrocephalus called Dandy Walker.

She explained how her surgery was successful, and how her hard work in physical therapy led to her eventually returning to the soccer field. She later had to overcome a second medical setback after being diagnosed with epilepsy.

Lauryn is a strong and bright young woman who has grown to understand that along with these medical diagnoses, came a new understanding for herself and her health. She chose to learn more about the conditions she was diagnosed with, and how she could thrive in everyday life living with epilepsy and Dandy Walker. Most importantly, because of her medical problems, she now has decided on a career in the medical field.

Thank you to all students who submitted an essay this year! Each and every one was eye-opening and all of you have such bright futures. We look forward to seeing what next year will bring!

Congratulations, Lauryn, from everyone at Gauthier Amedee!

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July 25th, 2017