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What to Know About Injuries in Chemical Plants

Chemical plants can be inherently dangerous, but when accidents occur they can often cause personal injuries and have devastating consequences. There are four main causes of these accidents: human error, improper training, manufacturing defects, and improper maintenance. In 2009, industrial accidents caused more than 1.2 million U.S. workers to miss work due to non-fatal injuries, while industrial accidents caused 4,340 fatalities.

Improper Maintenance

It is critical that the company properly cares for all equipment and machinery in the plant. This includes everything from heavy machinery to storage tanks and boilers to pressure equipment. If the equipment and pieces are not maintained or replaced as necessary, they can cause great damage to employees or others in the area.

Chemical Spills

The Occupational Safety and Health Commission (OSHA) has issued regulations regarding the care of chemicals in plants and refineries. However, there is always the possibility that leaks and spills can occur and fires or explosions are possible, harming those close by.

“Flying” Objects

When objects fall or fling equipment in the air, individuals can suffer injuries when getting hit by them. This can occur if the machine or object in question has not received the proper maintenance and care.


Certain gasses and substances are kept in specific containers since they have the ability to affect what is around them. When they do not receive the proper care, they can corrode and wear out the containers that they are in, causing very serious damage and risks, injuring workers.

Ventilation and Electric Hazards

Some chemical plants have a problem with their ventilation. Without proper ventilation you may experience gas leaks, toxic air and gas and leaking chemicals. Poor ventilation can also cause potential fire and explosion dangers. This can result in serious lacerations, burns, electrocution, serious injury or even death.

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October 9th, 2019