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With a New School Year Just Around the Corner, Louisiana Launches New Bike Safety Campaign

Last week, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development kicked off a new bicycle safety program. The “Be a ‘Roll’ Model” Campaign aims to educate Louisianans about the importance of bike safety while providing tips for how to reduce the risk of accidents and serious injuries.

The “Be a ‘Roll’ Model” Campaign began on Monday, 8/1, and will continue until Friday, 8/19.

A new school year is right around the corner. Now is a good time to refresh yourself, and your children, on bicycle safety. Not only is bicycling a great way to commute to school or work, it is also an enjoyable after-school activity that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, riding a bicycle leaves you exposed to suffering serious injuries when drivers of passenger vehicles fail to safely share the road. That is why it is important to practice proper bicycle safety at all times every time you go out for a ride.

The “Be a ‘Roll’ Model” Campaign, 8/1 – 8/19 promotes the following tips to help Louisianans act as a “roll” model for young cyclists:

• Always wear a helmet. Helmet use is required to children ages 12 and under in Louisiana.
• Stay as visible as possible. Be sure to have a headlight, taillight and reflectors when riding at night. Avoid wearing dark clothing when biking after the sun sets.
• Be alert of other passing vehicles on the road. Use bike lanes when they are available.
• Stay as far to the right as safely possible and ride along the flow of traffic.
• Use proper hand signals. Use hand signals to alert drivers before you make a turn. This will help drivers give you the space you need to safely execute the turn. Click here for a breakdown of bicycle hand signals.

The “Be a ‘Roll’ Model” Campaign was created in an effort to reduce the total number of bicycle-related fatalities across Louisiana. Just last year in Louisiana, the number of fatalities involving bicycle accidents almost tripled, jumping from only 13 deaths in 2014 to 34 fatalities in 2015.

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August 10th, 2016